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Welcome to Requiem's Events, the one stop location for all guilded events can be found. 

We have events suitable for almost all desires that are located in Bandera County, Texas or online.

We begin our year with Ren Faire of Bandera County the first full weekend in May, followed by Bantucky Con the third or fourth Saturday in October, depending on where Halloween lands that year. Our year ends out with a Yuletide Celebration where we pay homage to those we've lost and celebrate the blessings of those who volunteer with our organization. Should resources and venues allow, in the past we have done "Black Pirates' Market" near the end of November and Yuletide Market the Saturday before Christmas. 


Feel free to follow one of the Logo's below to the desired event, or utilize the menu bar above.


At the bottom of this page are links for Vendors, Volunteers, Entertainers, and Sponsors.  Only the events currently open will be active. 

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Volunteer and Non-Profit Application
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