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     One of the core philosophies is the sharing of knowledge. In 2018, we formed the Homesteaders & Preppers Guild as a means of creating a community of people looking to increase their knowledge in skills that are needed by Homesteaders and sought after by Preppers. We started out with a Facebook Group that is now called Requiem's Home, Hearth, and Heart. Fall 2018 we had our first event that focused on these topics and held a Fall Homesteaders and Preppers Bazaar where attendees were privy to a chicken necropsy and anatomy lesson along with humane way to dispatch chickens and cooking them over a campfire. Spring 2019's Spring Bazaar had discussions on methods for growing your own food and how to create your own seed bank. 

     As we have this event twice a year, we are always on the look out for target market vendors, demonstrators, and activities. If you would like to vend at this event, follow this link to our google application. If you would like to be a skill demonstrator or provide other related activities, please email 

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