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     Our December Traditions began with Yuletide Market in December of 2018 with a family friendly marketplace that was geared towards being fun and not overwhelming to the senses. Our Santa was an old world Father Christmas and located off to one end of our market. We did this upon request of a family that focuses on fostering Autistic children that would otherwise not get the loving environment they need during a time of turmoil and crisis. Other families in the community loved the idea of a calmer festive environment for their young ones as well. This is one of our primary goals for our events: Keep the Family Friendly, Festive, and Welcoming to all. The Yuletide Market will be among the first annual events to return once we have a permanent location.

     The second part of the Yuletide Celebrations is the opportunity to recognize members for the hard work and dedication during the previous year, once again acknowledge those who contributed to making that year a success, and have a festive party to build community. As many of our members are located World Wide, we have moved this celebration to being primarily online. Once we have a permanent location with an inside space as, yes, Texas can get cold after the sun goes down. 

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