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Welcome to the Technicians Guild of Requiem where if you dream it, we build it, and if you break it, we fix it!

We are simple people, with amazing minds. We like the talk to be straight, the news given without bias, and getting the job gets done right the first time around. We believe that repairs, remodels, and builds should be as affordable as possible, while making ends meet at the end of the day. We believe that training the next generation should only require a degree that fits with the job and if that means the degree is the life of hard knocks from starting at the bottom and working your way up, we are here to see you through it. We believe in giving back to our communities more than we take and that starts with sharing of construction and technical knowledge to all who wish to learn. We have big dreams and plans to build them.

This website is still under construction as the Technicians Guild acts as a internal department. We do encourage the sharing of knowledge, however we do not have Technicians Services at this time. If you would like your construction or computer business listed on the website, please email TechniciansGuild 

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