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Merchants Guild of Requiem was formed in 2016 as one of the original seven departments. The mission is to provide excellent social media, marketing, and website design for Guilds of Requiem, Inc. Many of these services are available through independent sources as their schedule allows. Email for more information on the service you need.


merchant GM trans.png

Merchants Guild 

Interim: Christopher Van Cleave

Merchants Guild Master oversees anything that has to do with creating revenue. Several of the Sub-Guilds, Guilded Projects, and Brands are listed under their guild for clarity, but they are still overseen by the Merchants Guild and regular risk management evaluations. 

merchant event trans.png

Assistant Guild Master
Event Coordinator


Miki Li Gravely


The Event Coordinator oversees all events including location, volunteers, activities, set-up, take down, and final walk-through with Venue Management.

Future "duties as assigned" will involve the option of renting out our venue for special occasions. 

merchant marketing trans.png

Assistant Guild Master
Marketing Specialist

Interim: Robin Kearney-Frazier

Our Marketing Specialist is in charge of Graphic Design, Organizational Branding, Social Media Management, and our websites.  Future positions includes each of the tasks above having their own person that is overseen by the Marketing Specialist. At this time, the position is available for someone to take over and be mentored by Robin.

merchant merch trans.png

Assistant Guild Master
Merchandising and Retail Sales


We will fill this position once we have established a permanent location for retail sale of items those in the Vendors' Guild create. This position will be in charge of seasonal plan-o-grams and oversee the execution of that plan. This person is also the team leader for any retail sales clerks we hire, including those putting in "sweat equity" time for other projects..

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