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The Marketplace and Vendor's Guild of Requiem are seeking additional vendors to join their vending family! If you make, bake, grow, create, produce, or procure unique items then we would love to hear from you and network your products while advertising your vending location. We offer Social Media Marketing assistance, web space for those who have qualifying products, Risk Management assessment of your products, and more!

If you're:​

  • Wishing for a community atmosphere

  • Hand-made, custom-crafted, or homegrown items will have preference 

  • Assistance with being compliant with all local/state/national laws

  • Access to an online selling space

    • Each member has their own unique URL for their items

    • Items that can't be sold/shipped online will have pick-up instructions

  • Access to a free vending space at all four events and additional spaces at cost to us​

Vendor's Guild Fees range from $50 on up and have multiple variables affecting membership fees. Vendor's Guild membership contracts from January 1st 0 December 31st. New members are granted a six-month probationary period to complete recommended onboarding tasks either independently or one-on-one with their mentor, evaluate if Guilds of Requiem, Inc. is a good fit for both parties, and the opportunity to vend at least one event before being sent an invoice that is prorated, if necessary. Our prorated discount is based is quarterly. 

How prorating works, for new members, example is for a Simple Collection at $50/year:

  • Join in January - March, it is the full $50 for the year

  • Join in April - June, the fee is $45

  • July - September, the fee is $20

  • October - December there is no fee

  • If you join mid-month, the rate will be effective at the start of the next month

  • All contracts renew on January 1st with 30 days to pay the appropriate fee - this is also the time period where we evaluate if you are still on the same tier of membership

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