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Freelance Income Opportunities

We aim to keep our process consistent with our aim of safety in mind, so we do ask for specific information on our Merchants Guild application. Expect follow up emails from the email address. If one doesn't land in your inbox within 72 hours, check your junk mail box. It is a problem we were just notified of happening with our last event that we are working towards fixing. As a member of the Guilds, all of our websites are opened up to you. The Merchants guild focuses the marketing aspects of running a business. Any nuggets of experience are welcome in our members only groups.

There are two options for Freelancers:

  • Just be listed on our website as an "affiliate"

  • Utilize our booking feature on the main Guilds website

The first option is free and we aim to make posts on Mondays where we rotate through Vendors Guild members and affiliates.  The second option does have a 1% fee attached to it for any bookings taken from our website that lead to a sale. This is on the honor system as we recognize that not every lead turns into a client and that you are responsible for your own billing. If you want us to create invoices and collect fees on your behalf, the amount turns into 2% + Merchant Fees from PayPal. When then Paypal the funds to you. We try to keep our rates reasonable, while still paying the bills on our end. Both options, we do ask for your basic starting rates along with which services you offer. Freelancers that use our booking feature will get more social media recognition. We do expect some level of SPAM (Shameless Promoting Advertising and Marketing) from our Merchants Guild members as we are doing the same for you. If there isa  service you offer where we ask more questions about it, please be detailed in your response. 

To start your Freeland Journey with Guilds of Requiem, Inc. please complete our Merchants Guild application here.

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