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Homesteaders and Preppers Guild

This Sub-Guild began in 2018 as a part of the Marketplace of Pipe Creek. Monthly meetings were held to discuss how a person, or family, can take steps to self-sufficiency regardless of their living conditions. Originally it was two separate projects, but we quickly realized the skills needed for both were the same and we merged the two projects into one. 

The Spring (third Saturday of March) and Fall (third Saturday of September) Homesteaders and Preppers Bazaars are not only a fundraising opportunity for us, they introduce the community we live to the skills needed on a homesteader or as an everyday prepper. 


Homesteaders and Preppers Bazaar

This event is held twice a year to coincide with activities a homesteader or everyday prepper is focusing on. Spring Bazaar is the third Saturday of March, 2023 is on March 18th. Fall Bazaar is held on the third Saturday of October, 2023 is September 16th.

Spring is shaping up to be worth the stopping by. We currently have demonstrators for poultry processing, animal care, creating shelf stable foods (meals in a jar and pemmican), and what should be in a BOB - Bug Out Bag, and how to customize it for individual needs. 

For more information on how to join this event as a vendor, a part of Bartertown, the community rummage sale, or to be a guest speaker on a homesteading or preppers topic, please see the Requiem's Events of Texas webpages.

Homesteaders &Preppers

Forums and Groups

Why so many websites?

We want members to be able to pick and choose what topics interest them. To meet that need, we created different webpages for each guild and a couple sub-guilds. The Forums on the Agrarian webpages will deal specifically homesteading, prepping, and recipes! The ability to blog on each set of webpages can be granted to any member that has demonstrated knowledge in the topic they would like to create content for. 

How do I join this set of webpages?

Start with completing the Agrarian Guild Website Membership form. If you are a member of another guild, send us an email that includes which email address we have file for you and which guild you already belong to.

Then go to "Members Only Login Screen" and join there. Gmail Accounts work the best on any browser. 

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