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Welcome to the Agrarian Guild of Requiem!

Who is the Agrarian Guild?

We are a network of Farmers, Homesteaders, Gardeners, Producers, and those who believe we should have all of the skills necessary to survive any situation. Frequently, the last category is referred to as "Preppers."

What does the Agrarian Guild do?

We share information and resources on how to grow, raise, and safely preserve just about anything you can consume.

We have a Community Shared Agriculture Program that is available to all members of Guilds of Requiem, Inc. 

Where is the Agrarian Guild located?

Our "office" is located in Pipe Creek, Texas along with the initial formation of the Requiem Ranch CSA.

When was the Agrarian Guild formed?

The Agrarian Guild was one of the first guilds (departments) that was developed by Guilds of Requiem when it was a sole

proprietorship in 2016. 

Why should I join the Agrarian Guild?

That is a personal choice based on your needs, or the needs of your family. We do have a thriving online community on Facebook that we will be transitioning to the Agrarian Guild Forums by the end of this year. The Facebook group will still remain as we recognize that is where a majority of our followers are based. The Guild Master and the Project Leaders will make their post in the forum, or post a Blog, and then share it onto Social Media.

All members of the website are welcome to post in any public forum that we host. This allows for a greater reach onto any social media platform that our members choose to use when sharing pretty cool information.

The Agrarian Guild hosts two events a year: Spring Homesteaders and Preppers Bazaar, during the month of March,

and Fall Homesteaders and Preppers Bazaar, during the month of September. We try to make these as educational as possible, along with good ole family fun!

How do I join the Agrarian Guild?

We are working on a Google Form for memberships, found HERE. It will evolve over time as we learn what members need from this guild, legal obligations, metrics that our Merchant's and Resources Guilds need to remain compliant with any laws where we operate, and our Scholar's Guild so they can insure they are creating educational courses, videos, and posts that are relevant to the members of the Agrarian Guild.

Is there a membership fee to join?

At this time, no. We are always open for donations, as we are a nonprofit private foundation that is run 100% by volunteers. As our membership numbers grow, we will poll all necessary guilds, and members in those guilds, to see if we have reached a point where a small annual monetary donation would be beneficial in going from free resources to paid resources for the Agrarians Guild.

How to Join
How Much

Our websites contain links that maybe monetized. We appreciate your support of our nonprofit by following those links and making a purchase

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