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Q: What is a Sub-Guild?

A: A Sub-Guild is a project that can stand on its own and has the means to be self-sufficient with little oversight by the Guild it belongs to. These projects also have membership that is very specific and defined in their Chapter Charter. Their Chapter Charter also details all standards of operating procedures.

Q: What is a Guilded Project?

A: A Guilded Project fills a needs for an intentional community, a community service, or specific group which holds an honorable position in the Guilds of Requiem, Inc. that needs more guidance in their day-to-day operations or are called upon for specific events and functions. 

Space Station Requiem was formed in 2013, in Corpus Christi, Texas as a Unit of Starfleet Command Quadrant One on the premise that it was open to all fandoms. Ten years later, it has 100% of their members with Lifetime Memberships in SFCQ1. In 2016, they became a part of the Project Requiem Ranch family as the first Guilded-Project.

Space Station Requiem has its own Chapter Charter that guides them in their day-to-day operations with specific qualifiers to hold a leadership position.  They are blessed with having two parental organizations that allow them to stretch their wings and organically grow into the Guilded Project they are today.

The World's Supergroup of Amazing People is a Facebook Group that was assimilated by Guilds of Requiem, Inc. in 2020 on the founding principal that life was hectic enough. What can we do to make someone's day be better? This was the question we sought to answer.

We encourage members to post uplifting memes, things that make them laugh, or renew their faith in the world. We do have a strict "No Politics" rule, no spamming of members, and no posts meant to create controversy (aka anti- trolling policy).

We do not see taking this social group off of Facebook, at this time, or that this Guilded Project will ever be at a point that it requires a chapter charter and membership requirements beyond the safety measures we have in place. 

Guilded Project:
Requiem After Dark

Requiem After Dark is currently another Facebook only Guilded Project that focuses on Women's Health concerns, a safe place to vent, and things that just make us happy and possibly smile a bit in embarrassment.

Future plans for Requiem After Dark will include a retail space for Adults Only and our own branded product line meant to relax, rejuvenate, and possibly rekindle that spark of passion. There is no goal date, at this time as, for when this Guilded Project will become a Guilds of Requiem, Inc. retail branding. We have to secure a retail location that fits the needs of all branded products and those who sell items as a part of the Vendors' Guild of Requiem along with product development.  

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