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We are working towards having the following requestable items published as soon as possible:

  • Annual Budget (by fiscal year since incorporating)

  • Guilds of Requiem, Inc. By-Laws

  • Hierarchy of Guilds of Requiem, Inc.

    • Board of Directors​

    • Executive Board of Directors

  • Bi-Annual Meeting Minutes​​​​

    • September Board Meeting

    • January Board Meeting

  • Standards of Operating Procedures for:

    • Guilds of Requiem, Inc. day-to-day operations

    • Individual Guilds (departments)

    • Sub-Guilds

    • Guilded Projects

    • and other requestable information available as soon as possible.


The above information is available upon request and if completed/approved by the Board of Directors and Executive Board of Directors. 

Annual Budget

     Every organization has their own structure. Guilds of Requiem, Inc. is no different. We have opted to limit the actual Board of Directors to just three (3) positions: The President, the Secretary, and the Treasurer.  These three positions are strictly volunteers and are unable to be compensated for their time while discharging their duties.  They are able to offer their services elsewhere in Guilds of Requiem, Inc., or hold a Project Leaders position, and expect reasonable compensation. These three positions should not hold a position that reports directly to themselves. The Secretary and Treasurer report directly to the President of the organization along with the Vice Presidents that serve on the Board of Directors.

     The President's position is held for life, till the President appointments someone worthy enough to keep the vision alive, commits a crime that results in jail time, or passes away. This decision was made to insure that the philosophies of Guilds of Requiem, Inc. remains focused on creating intentional communities, providing educational opportunities for our membership and the communities we serve, and be participatory in our community service mission.  The President does not need to be active in the day-to-day activities. However, the President is held to the highest standards of Steward Leadership, needs to be aware of what issues and projects are trending with the membership, be proactive in solving any major issues, and is "confirmed" at the January Board Meeting. This is a matter of procedure and allows the Board Members to understand where and how the President can make improvements. 

     The Secretary and Treasurer are appointed by the President and go through the same annual confirmation process to affirm that they are holding themselves to the highest level of Steward Leadership, aware of what issues and projects are trending with the membership, be proactive in solving any major issues, and insures annual reporting to the State of Texas and the IRS are done on time and accurately


     The Vice Presidents that serve on the Board of Directors are elected members from their primary guild of affiliation. This gives our membership a voice on the Board of Directors and any directions that we pursue for the betterment of our organization.  The Vice Presidents are volunteer positions, cannot be paid for time spent in the discharge of their duties as a Vice President, and cannot hold any other position that reports directly to them. Example:

  • The VP of Educational Services would not be able to hold the Guild Master position in the Scholars Guild of Requiem.

  • We have a VP of Community Relations that has an elected member from the Resources Guild of Requiem. That person would not be eligible to be the Director/Guild Master of the Resources Guild.

  • Vice Presidents can hold a Assistant Guild Master (Sub-Guild Director) or a Project Leader position in the Resources Guild.

  • Eligible candidates to fill the Vice President role must be a member of Guilds of Requiem, Inc. for at least two years with one of those years as a Guilded Project Leader or Sub-Guild Master. 

  • The use of Master is to indicate that the person is well experienced in the role that they are filling. 

TIP: The best way to think of our Board of Directors is that they are "bored":

  • They "work" 4-12 hours per month of actually performing their duties

  • Collect Monthly Reports from the Guild they represent - this report should include any sub-guild and guilded project in the reporting guild

  • After reviewing the reports, they forward them to the Secretary of Guilds of Requiem

  • Attend monthly meetings (the General Meeting portion is acceptable - approximately one hour on the Fourth Sunday of every month at 7 PM Central Standard Time)

  • And attend the Semi-Annual Board Meetings in January (Fourth Sunday at 1 PM) and September (Fourth Saturday at 10 AM) 

  • Any additional activity, as a Vice President, is assigned as needed or of the Vice President's own accord


Board Members.PNG
Board of Directors

     The Executive Board of Directors are in charge of day-to-day operations. Best way to remember this is that they execute activities. They are referred to as a "Guild Master" in our organization. Guild Masters are an appointed position and can be applied for by anyone in the Guilds of Requiem, Inc or in answer to an advertised available paid position. Since many of our departments/guilds are still small in what they do, these positions are currently volunteer with the potential to become paid as we continue to grow. Guild Masters do have the potential for income that is directly related to their position.

Executive Board
Meeting Minutes

     We have two board meeting per year: The first Sunday of September and the fourth Saturday of January. 


      As Standard of Operations are created, approved by the Executive Board Members and Board Members, we will add them in below in the following order:

  • By The Guild (Alpha)

    • By Sub-Guilds Project (Alpha)

    • By Guilded Project (Alpha)

Presidential logo background.jpg
Secretary Logo.jpg
Treasure Logo.jpg
H&P logo.jpg
CSA logo.jpg
Craft SOP
enhanced detail logo.png
logo enhanced.png
Guard SOP
HoR Healers logo.png
HoR Warriors logo.png
SWDHG logo.jpg
Intl SOP

Requiem Kenya Chapter Charter

Merch SOP
vendors guild logo_edited.jpg
Resource SOP

Space Station Requiem Chapter Charter

Scholar SOP
Agrarian apprentice Logo2.jpg
crafters guild apprenticeship.jpg
guardians guild apprenticeship.jpg

Scholars Guild
Standards of Operations

Agrarian Guild Apprenticeship

Master Procraftinators Crafters Guild Apprenticeship

Risk Management Guardians Guild Apprenticeship

marketing masters logo color.jpg

Marketing Masters Merchants Guild Apprenticeship

Hope Haven Academy
of Requiem

nonprofit apprencticeship logo.jpg

Resources Guild Apprenticeship

Learning Pavilion of Requiem

scholars guild apprenticeship logo.jpg

Scholars Guild Apprenticeship

Space Station Requiem Academy

Haven of the Dragon: World Religions Education

STEAMPunk Unit Charter

Tech SOP
guild services constr logo.jpg
cyber services white.jpg

Technicians Guild
Standards of Operations

Construction Guild Apprenticeship

Technicians Guild

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