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Want to know more about Guilds of Requiem, Inc. how we operate, just how did we come to be? On-Boarding Webinars are for you! Begin your journey with the "General Overview" and take the Completion Quiz to let us know you are interested in what we do and beginning a six month probationary period where everyone can decide if they are good fit to their lives and how Guilds of Requiem, Inc. works. Any of our public groups are available for anyone to join on Facebook without regard to the intention of joining our Non-profit Private Foundation. 

The Onboarding Graphic, below, will take you to a webpage that starts onboarding process. If it interests you enough to start onboarding as a full fledged member, complete the quizzlet, and someone from the Resources Guild or Scholars Guild will contact you to have an honest discussion about what each of the guilds do. Each additional section, webpage, will be sent upon receiving of the Completion Google Form. Each page will contain the YouTube Video, PDF of the presentation, and a link to the Completion Quiz via Google Docs. Links to the next session will then be emailed upon submitting the Completion Quiz for that session


Completing the Privacy and Security Assessment is for those who want to be more involved and see themselves in a leadership position in the future, who would like to have an active part in any of our programs that have a "protected population", or the general member who just wants to have a better understanding of the steps we take to ensure our members remain safe. We define a "protected population" as minors (STEAMPunk Unit), elderly (Senior Companions Program - under development), and the mental disabled person who is not capable of making a cognitive decision of their actions or defend themselves from any manner of attacks.  This Assessment is "open book" with links to the relevant websites to find the answers.

All of the Onboarding Video Sessions are listed below. However, only the General Overview is active. The rest are there to give you a better scope of what is in-store for our onboarding process. 

Agrarian Guilds of Requiem.JPG
Guilds Overview
crafters guild of requiem.JPG
International Guilds of Requiem.JPG
resources guild of requiem.JPG
guardians guild of requime.JPG
merchants guild of requiem.JPG
Scholars Header.PNG
Technicians Guild of Requiem.JPG
subguilds header.PNG
phil header.PNG
Guilds Philosophies
adaptable guild system Header.JPG
diverse guilds system header.JPG
historical header yt.JPG
specialized header.PNG
educational YT header.JPG
respectful guils yt header.JPG
teaching header.PNG
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