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     We are working towards having this portion more completely filled out. The Resources Guild acts as our Business Administration Department along with our Human Resources Department and Community Relations. Department heads are referred to as a "Guild Master" simply to indicate that they have mastered the skills it takes to operate a specific department/guild.

The Human Element

      As with all organizations, our Business Manager is responsible for the posting of open positions, scheduling interviews, and completing all necessary paperwork to either be a volunteer with Guilds of Requiem, Inc., a paid employee, or new member of any of the Guilds, Sub-Guilds, or Guilded Projects. As we are still in our infancy of being a recognized 501(c) Nonprofit Private Foundation, all of our positions are currently volunteer in nature. The Resources Guild is in charge of onboarding new hires, new volunteers, and new members. Anyone who sells their merchandise in our retail outlets (e-store or pop-up vending markets) are considered "independent contractors" and will have 1099's issued during the month of January should their annual "income" with Guilds of Requiem, Inc. breech the IRS established minimum threshold. 

          This menu tab will take you to all of the positions we currently have available along with our first video in our onboarding process. We ask that all interested parties begin their journey here along with taking the participation quiz at the end of it where you can indicate if you would like someone to contact you by phone or email in regards to more information about joining Guilds of Requiem, Inc. in any capacity. 

The Humane Element


        We have a special position in the Resources Guild of Requiem called our Community Relations Manager. This person is in charge of locating community service opportunities and insures that all of our events have a community service aspect to it. The form of this service can range from community engagement to fund raising for another nonprofit organization that serves the same community as we do. They also work with our Merchants Guild and act as our point of contact for all events and press releases. 

        This menu tab will take you to our events calendar found on the Requiem's Events of Texas webpages

Resources Guild Apprenticeship Program

        In conjunction with the Scholars Guild of Requiem, we aim to soon be offering apprenticeship programs specifically for the Resources Guild and the above described tasks. Once that program is fully funded and ready to roll out, we will update this and the Scholars Guild webpages. Our program will first focus on those who are pursuing this information to better themselves and then on Internships for students enrolled in a Business Management Program or Nonprofit Certificate Courses.

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