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          While we attempting to remain self sufficient in our programs, we are always in need as we are staffed 100% by Volunteers, with the exception of trainers. Our goal is to see to the needs of our "Heros with 4 Paws" from the time they enter our program until they cross the Rainbow Bridge. This includes veterinarian visits, food, grooming, and gear to reduce the chances of a Foster Training Family experiencing financial burden, all the way through to assisting handlers, or seniors in our Senior Companion Program, who demonstrate a financial need of caring for their companion.

       At all points of the process of Rescue to Hero With 4 Paws, there will always be an opportunity for the Foster Training Family, Service Dog Handler, or Senior Companion to adopt the puppy/dog to be in their furever home. The adoption amount will vary based on the time a puppy/dog was in our program to help insure financial sustainability. One of the key features of our program is if for some reason a dog placed in a furever home is no longer a viable option that they return the dog to our program for re-evaluation and possible placement in a new furever home. From personal experience, all of us at Guilds of Requiem, Inc. and the Guardians Guild of Requiem understand the emotional distress behind the decision to rehome a beloved family member. 

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