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Tunnus de Requiem
"The Final Peace"

Rest Easy

We have it from here

Lift your soul to Valhalla

Your strength is needed there

May Requiem be everlasting

and your journey filled with love

We are the Watchers

and we watch over thee

Tunnus de Requiem is our memorial project for fallen heros. What constitutes a hero is the personal bond you have with the person who has passed beyond. They maybe a First Responder in your community or a soldier you know who lost their life in service to their country. We also recognize K9s and Service Dogs.  It is up to the person who submits to decide if the person was a hero.

When did they pass to the beyond?

Give us 3-5 business days for our volunteers to update our website with their information. If you do not see it by that time, please email

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