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Haven of Requiem Warriors

HoR Warriors logo.png

“The soldier's heart,

the soldier's spirit,

the soldier's soul,

are everything.”

George Marshall

The Haven of Requiem Warriors act as support staff to the security and safety of those attending our events. They are the "jacks of all trades" and excel at "Adapt and Overcome" with solutions to nearly any problem we might face. 

Between events, Haven of Requiem Warriors have discussions about the issues that affect those who have served, or are currently serving, in the military. They are an intentional community of brothers and sisters who understand "all gave some and some gave all" in its fullest of meanings. Warriors give guidance when Guilds of Requiem is strategically planning locations and arrangements of resources, support services at events, and specialist to our Homesteaders and Preppers Guild. 

To Join this Guilded Project, please complete our Guardians Guild of Requiem Membership form. There are no membership fees at this time. Guardians Guild of Requiem Members are in a unique position on determining what services they can offer as a means of extra income for themselves. We are open to any and all suggestions. 

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