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Haven of Requiem

Haven of Requiem is a three-part guilded project:

  • Part One is aimed at Guardians, or those who work/have worked in the First Responders Fields: Peace Officers, Fire Fighters, Dispatchers. Private Sector Security and Risk Management Professionals will fall under this category as well as there are many common skills used by both industries. 


  • Part Two is aimed at Healers, or anyone who works in the Medical Industry: Doctors, Nurses, Techs, EMT/Paramedics, Veterinarians, and Certified Support Staff.


  • Part Three is aimed at Warriors, or those who have a background in the Military: Active Duty, Reserve Duty, Retired, and Veterans along with their family members. 

Due to the unique nature of these fields of work, and the unique stressors that accompany them, there are additional requirement to belonging to these intentional communities.  Proof of current employment or previous employment, copy of any certifications needed to perform your work, DD214 or currently military ID.  

Currently, there are no membership fees as these three programs are in their infancy of development. We have set a reasonable timeline of 2025 to locate a Guardians' Guild Master, along with Project Leaders for each of the projects under the Guardians Guild of Requiem department.  If interested in either position, please email and one of our interim directors will get back with you.  We ask that you exercise patience as many of our Guild Masters are pulling double duty along with having a very full work life. Currently, all positions with Guilds of Requiem, Inc. are on a volunteer basis with the potential for income. 

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