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Service & Working Dog Handlers Guild

One of the first Guilded Projects that came out of Guilds of Requiem, Inc. was our Service Dogs of Bandera County in 2019. It has since organically grown to include all working dogs. 

What is a "working dog"?

A working dog is any dog that requires training in order to perform tasks associated with their job. Some examples are K9 Units in Law Enforcement and the Military, Therapy Dogs, and Service Dogs.  ESA, or Emotional Support Animals, are not considered a working dog as training is not necessary for them to provide comfort and emotional support to their owner or other family members in the home they live in. 

Our Philosophy:

We believe that Rights and Responsibilities are a two way street between handlers and the places they are allowed to go into. Those rights and responsibilities differ with each of the different categories of working teams. We mostly focus on Service Dog Teams as that information is frequently the most controversial and steeped in myths and misconceptions.

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