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Having a Service Dog seems like it should be a no brainer. Someone has a disability and a dog can be trained to assist them with having a more normalized life. But there is so much more to this solution than people realize. Here are some answers to frequently asked questions that we get.

How long does training take?

Depending on the age of the dog, training can take anywhere from one(1) to two(2) years. Most of the Service Dogs we have, started their training as early as 6 weeks old. We use that age as the puppy is ready to explore and not be dependent on momma dog always being around. 

In what order do you train your Service Dogs?

​Our training program is based on positive reinforcement along with the utilization of a training clicker and high value treats that only come out during training time.


  1. The Basics

  2. Intermediate Skills (These two can be taught at the same time, or in either order)

    1. CGC - Canine Good Citizen​

    2. Tasks specific to the handlers disability

  3. Advanced Skills​

*** The CGC is the "poor man's" way of training for Public Access as the skills required to pass that certification are also the same skills the ADA requires for Public Access ***

How much does a Service Dog cost?

Depending on who you go through, they can cost up to $50,000. We do believe in owner training and recognize that not every  owner knows how to train a dog let alone a service dog. The lowest that one of our handlers has had to pay out of pocket for training was $5,000 over the course of a year times 2 years to train from puppy to adult. This was allowing for specialized scent training for allergen detection and the CGC's with a local pet trainer as it is challenging to train for public access when at home all the time and limited public interaction.

Is it true that if you purchase a company trained service dog, you don't actually own it?

This will vary from organization to organization. Some will allow the handler to purchase a fully trained dog that is furever theirs. We have seen some that will fully train but retain ownership of the dog as a matter of animal welfare should something happen to the handler. 

If there is a question that we have missed, please feel free to email us at

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