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   We know that finding the right gear for your team can be an expensive challenge. We have committed ourselves to finding small owned businesses with similar philosophies to ours. We look for quality in craftsmanship, affordability, and durability are the three key focuses we have when making supplier recommendations. Secondary considerations: Veteran, Retired First Responder, Disabled, or Dog Trainer or other Dog Professional owned.

    We are dividing our recommendations based on the type of gear needing to be located. Internet sources, with low cost shipping options will be listed first down to physical locations by state.  Recommendations are always welcome and highly encouraged!

     The "Recommend a Supplier" buton can also be used to give feedback on a supplier we already have listed!

* The color of skin, placement of sexual organs, LGTBQ+ Status, and religion do not affect understanding the demographics of people we serve and do business with.

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Vests & Harnesses
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